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B-92 20Lポリ水槽セット
B-92 20Lポリ水槽セット

ポリ水槽1/ブスバー3(ブスバー長短2種類あり).引掛け治具3.エアーパイプ2.ポンプ1.リード線3. (温度調節器・ヒーター・ろ過器・カソードロッカー・陽極は別売です)  内寸410(L)×240(W)×290mm(H) 

  Tank made of PP is optimal for laboratory experiments, trial production and noble metal plating. If used side-by-side in parallel position, a mobile and simplified plating line can be composed immediately. When not in use, the containers can be stacked one over other and put away compactly. To be used along with dedicated cathode rocker/anode plate/filter.

Heatproof temperature is approx. 65℃. For use with chromium, a tank with heat-resistant PVC interior is available.
Note) The standard type cannot be used for chromium plating.

[Set includes:] Plating Bath 1 pc./ Busbar 3 pcs.( there are two Busbar types: long and short) Rack 3 pcs. / Air Pipe 2 pcs. / Pump 1 pc. / Lead Wire 3 pcs./ (Thermostat /Heater/ Filter/ Cathode Rocker/Anode are sold separately.)
Internal Dimensions:410 (L)×240 (W)×290mm (H)

*Photo is assembly example.
(This set with Cathode rocker,Filter,Thermostat and Heater)