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B-93-YPT-01 1KWデジタル式温度調節器(PID制御、過熱保護機能付)
  B-93-YPT-01 1KW DIGITAL-TYPE THERMOSTAT (PlD control, with boil-dry protection function)
B-93-YPT-01 1KWデジタル式温度調節器(PID制御、過熱保護機能付)

定格: 100V±10% 50/60Hz
使用周囲温度 : 0〜35℃
出力容量: AC100V 10A MAX
設定範囲: 0〜100.0℃
センサー部: ガラス管 (Pyrex) ,PTFE/半田 (温度ヒューズとして)

  Thermostat with boil-dry protection function, in addition to the regular thermostat function. Warming (heating)/cooling output control is possible within the range of 0〜100.0℃. (ON/OFF control and PID control can be used only at time of warming.)
(The hull cell tank and heater stand in the photo are separately sold.)

Rating: 100V±10% 50/60Hz
Operating Ambient Temperature : 0〜35℃
Output Capacity: AC100V 10A MAX
Setting Range: 0〜100.0℃
Sensor Section: Glass Tube (Pyrex) ,PTFE/Pewter (as thermal fuse)