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サンプルサイズから選ぶ - 3cm角以下
A-53-M-P01 マイクロセル® 水槽
A-53-M-P01 マイクロセル<sup>®</sup> 水槽

型 式 / 寸 法( 内 寸 ) / 水槽容量
儀 65(L)× 65(W)× 95mm(H)  250mL
況 80(L)× 80(W)×105mm(H)  500mL
祁 100(L)×100(W)×140mm(H) 1000mL
水槽材質 アクリル製
耐熱温度 65℃
  There are two types of tanks; “F-type” connecting to the filter and the non-connecting type. Space can be efficiently used since the tank-base has an opening for air agitation and an outlet for inserting heater (standard-type heater only). Busbars, anode/cathode jigs and cathode rocker for experiments are available. Tanks can be made of materials other than acryl.
Model/Dimensions: (Internal)/Tank Volume
I 65 (L)×65 (W)×95 (H) mm   Approx. 250mℓ
80 (L)×80 (W)×105 (H) mm Approx. 500mℓ
100 (L)×100 (W)×140 (H) mm Approx. 1000mℓ
Tank Material: Acryl
Heatproof Temp.: 65℃