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A-15 硫酸銅塩素測定器 
  A-15 CHLORINE CONTENT TEST KIT (in copper sulfate plating Solution)
A-15 硫酸銅塩素測定器 
測定範囲 20〜210mg/ℓ

外 寸(設置寸法)150(L)x200(W)x420(H)mm
本体重量 1.6kg
入力電圧 AC100V
消費電力 2W
  Measures chloride ion concentration in copper sulfate plating solution. Trace amounts of chlorine ion are indispensable for brightening and leveling, but requires appropriate concentration control.
Measurement Range: 20〜210mg/ℓ

Outer (Installation) Dimensions : 150(L)×200(W)×420(H)mm
Main Unit Weight: 1.6kg
Input Voltage: AC100V
Power Consumption: 2W