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B-54-H てのりハルセル®(空気撹拌型水槽)
  B-54-H TENORI HULL CELL (Air-Agitation-Type)
B-54-H  てのりハルセル<sup>®</sup>(空気撹拌型水槽)

容 量  33mL
材 質  アクリル製
外 寸(設置寸法) 83(L)×65(W)×55mm(H)
耐熱温度 65℃
  Hull cell designed to conduct hull cell test with 1/8 fluid volume compared to standard types. Optimal for noble metal plating. Air agitation function is available.

Volume: 33mL
Material: Acryl
Outer (Installation) Dimensions : 83 (L)×65 (W)×55 (H) mm
Heatproof Temp.: 65℃