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B-92-WF オーバーフローめっき水槽
B-92-WF オーバーフローめっき水槽

寸 法
12L水槽(B-76-KWFN-WF) 内寸 (めっき部) 160(D)×300(W)×180(H)mm
      外寸      250(D)×440 (W)×325(H) mm
20L水槽(B-92-WF) 内寸(めっき部) 240(D)×300(W)×225(H)mm
      外寸      330(D)×435(W)×375(H) mm
水槽材質 アクリル製
耐熱温度 65℃
  Has the same mechanism as the Silicon WaferPlating Tank. (However, air agitation function is not available.) Filtering is conducted constantly while in use. Since the height of the liquid level is maintained at a certain level, the tank is suited for precision plating requiring severe current-distribution.
Standard tank is acrylic, but PP and heat-resistant PVC tanks are also available. Recognized also for its proven performance as plating tank for optical fiber plating. Custom-orders are also accepted.

Model: Internal Dimensions: (ID)
12L Tank ID (plating section) 160(D)×300(W)×180(H) mm
      OD    250(D)×440 (W)×325(H) mm
20L Tank ID(plating section) 240(D)×300(W)×225(H) mm
      OD    330(D)×435(W)×375(H) mm
Tank Material: Acryl
Heatproof Temp.: 65℃